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What Is A Sod Farm?

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Anyone can hear about it on the television, or internet, or even when they’re on a golf course; sod is used to make a dirty landscape into a rich green canvas of grass, without having to use grass seeds. But just what is sod? Sod is defined as grass that has such thick, entwining roots that the soil beneath it sticks together. That way, the grass can be cut, diced, and rolled up, to create nature’s very own carpet. When the grass is cut and rolled up, it can be transported practically anywhere, from front yards to golf courses, and even sports stadiums.

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So what is a sod farm? A sod farm is when this certain grass is grown by farmers. Sod is always grown in specialized farms, since it’s such a particular plant. It is cultivated close to where the sod is requested to diminish potential harm or damage to the sod during transport; it also saves on cost of moving it from one place to another, for shipping of sod would be expensive. Sod can also be grown in varying color, lengths, and thicknesses, depending on how the customer requests it, so the sod farms have special farmers who know how to fulfill these requests.

Sod farms grow sod for many different reasons; sod can be used for recreational creation as well as covering up damaged areas. Erosion such as wind and rain can do a lot of damage to large amounts of ground, so sod is grown and placed over these areas to not only liven up the ground, but also to help regrow the damaged grass to make it healthy and beautiful again. Recreationally, a lot of people put sod in their yards to make maintaining their grass easier, as well as making their yards look even and clean.  Rather than planting the best bermuda grass, waiting for it to grow, you can simply contact a sod farm and have the grass grown for you.  You can do this when looking to buy Kentucky blue grass, and many other types of grass seed mixes.  Since sod is grown altogether, it doesn’t create a patchiness that normal yards produce if you don’t maintain them. There is also the use of sod for golf courses and stadiums. They need something soft yet durable for sport activities, and regular dirt and grass would ruin easily. Since sod is all tangled together, it’s harder to rip out the grass and ruin the field, and therefore sod is used to make sporting areas even and clean, as well as damage free from the daily wear and tear.

Sod farms are useful in many ways, and they produce product that is easy to maintain and gives a clean cut look all times of the year. They cover up dead spots in yards, as well as keeping sports players satisfied with their surrounding area while making sure the grass remains kempt. They’re a wonderful resource, and they should be used to their full potential.

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