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Who Benefits From Online Elections

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Elections are always an important part of daily life no matter what country someone lives in. Putting the right people in charge politically is a delicate procedure that requires a lot of accuracy and dedication. However, a lot of the time things go wrong; miscounts, privacy invasion, and costly locations lead to untrustworthy elections. So what can be done to make this system better with little to no flaw? EZ Vote Online voting system.

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Online elections have many benefits comparative to voting at the nearest gymnasium or city hall. One of these major factors is cost. Everything is handled electronically, and online elections do not call for paper ballets, or pens to write with, or even the most expensive thing; the place to cast your vote. Online elections don’t need schools or other public building to hosts elections, so there’s no need to pay for them. The online elections save resources by not needing paper for ballots or spending all the government’s money on setting up the location and making it worthy of voting. Also printing, shipping, and receiving is unnecessary, for everything a voter needs is right at their fingertips at their own computer. Which brings up another point; they’re completely private! Usually, when voting needs to take place, the voters are surrounded by a lot of people in a cramped room.

Everyone feels like everyone else is paying attention to what they’re writing. With online elections, the voter can take their time, cast their ballot, and feel completely comfortable with no interjections from a nosy neighbor. All the voting information is kept on a database on the website, so the information put into the computer by the voter remains a one-on-one transaction. What’s more, the names of particular voters are kept anonymous and personal information is private, so there is no threat of identity theft whatsoever. The programmers of these particular online elections are more than thorough when it comes to voting online, and preventing hacking and malicious codes, such as viruses.

Finally, online elections are made easy for all to vote. The amount of time saved by online elections compared to casting a ballot in public can only be described as convenient. A voter doesn’t have to go to the nearest public voting booth, wait in sometimes very long lines, cast their vote, and then return home; they can just open the website and vote. The websites are made easy, even for non-computer users. Since everything is simple and laid out for first time voters as well as non-computer users, anyone and everyone can vote equally.

In conclusion, online elections should be integrated into every political vote there is. They make voting fast, efficient, and convenient for all users, even to non-computer users. The money being spent on all the expenses of traditional voting would be, at the very least, cut in half. The privacy and stability of online voting also makes for a tantalizing factor, knowing that all the personal information one votes with stays personal, and that voting privacy would never be an issue again. Online elections can, and should be, for everyone.

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